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Please read FHH's forum rules below...
Firehouse Houston Forums Rules & Regulations

Version 1.1, December, 2008

Firehouse Houston Forums (FHF) is a completely free service provided for the pleasure and enjoyment of our members. FHF is a discussion forum dedicated to the Houston Fire Department. We intend to provide an atmosphere in which any member can post thoughts, questions, concerns, and insights on any topic. We invite comments, suggestions, and criticism...anything that will make FHF better is up for open and frank discussion.

We have a few rules…they are simple and easy to follow.


FHF is a HFD discussion board that offers its members a unique opportunity to dabble in a place where there is an mutual interest with HFD and issue’s within the department. In addition to talk about HFD, we offer forums on finding Riders, General Discussion, Shop Talk, Food and Drink and other boards. FHF caters to all members and ranks of HFD. Membership to FHF is open to HFD members who registers on our site. By registering, you agree to the FHF Rules & Regulations (this post/document) in it's entirety.


1 ) FHF has absolutely NO tolerance for slander, racism, hate speech, and trolling. FHF has no room for people and who engage in unethical and illegal acts.

2 ) FHF does not allow any Political or Religious Discussions on any board. Any jokes or post made that are racist, political or religious will be remove and the offending member will receive one warning. The second warning will be deletion of the account.

3 ) This board is managed by a volunteer group of moderators who are fair and easy to get along with. Please give them respect they deserve. If you do have a problem with a mod, take it to Private Messaging, that’s all we ask. If your dispute with a mod isn’t settled in private, PM the Admin, (HFD838) and state your case. I will be happy to help resolve your issue.

4 ) We have an diverse group of people here, and we run a clean site. FHF does not allow racy and/or obscene materials in any media to be displayed or posted on this board, this also includes profanity in your user name or nudity in your avatar. There are places for that kind of material, but it is not here.

5 ) FHF reserves the right to ban, limit and/or restrict access to this site for any reason at the sole discretion of the mods and admins. Any user may appeal the limitation or restriction of their access privileges.

6 ) Any content posted on FHF remains the sole property of the FHF member who posted it. FHF asserts absolutely no claim of ownership to your content, what you post is yours. You may edit, delete, or amend any or all of your content here at your own discretion.

7 ) Copying and pasting content from FHF to another board without written permission is considered theft and a violation of FHF policy.

8) Any FHF member can request the total deletion of their account and posts. Just PM the FHF Admin (HFD838) for help.

9 ) SPAM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Vendors are not allowed to post their wares unless they have prior approval from the Admin.

10 ) Use of FHF implies your agreement to these rules.

11 ) FHF reserves the right to enact more rules as we see fit to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our members.


FHF, it's owners, administrators, and/or moderators, keep absolutely NO Personally Identifiable Information (PII) whatsoever about any FHF member. Any statements made by any person to the contrary are absolutely false and misleading statements.

None of the information we collect can be considered PII by any stretch of the imagination, fact, or law. As always, you and only you are in complete control of what information you provide to FHF or not. If you want to have your account deleted, posts, user data, etc, you own them all, we do not, so please PM me with any requests to remove any and/or all of your data.

We at FHF hope you enjoy our site, it's members, and our rich content.

Best Regards and Be Safe!

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